Elevate your Networking game with a custom Digital Business Card

Stand out from the crowd and leave a memorable impression with unique QR codes, custom themes, and a personalized domain name.

Connect effortlessly and make your mark in the online world


Discover the advantages of digital business cards:

Exchanging business cards is a time-honored tradition that fosters rapport during the initial stages of any business relationship. Experience a fresh approach to delivering information as we make a subtle, yet impactful shift.

  • Automatically add to your Apple and Android contact list
  • Alter content and custom design anytime, such as updating website URLs or adding new social media links like Instagram
  • QR codes remain functional even after updating your information.” Small gray font directly underneathFully customize card themes with different designs and colors

  • Share them on popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.
  • Send them to engage old clients, or share a link or QR code with anyone

POPB Cards eliminate challenges. Embrace the convenience and flexibility of digital business cards, revolutionizing the way you connect.

Elevate your brand with a custom theme for your business

POPB offers personalized designs crafted by our expert team. Switch to POPB for the best digital business card designs that reflect your unique identity and leave a lasting impression

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SMART Dynamic QR code

Unlock the power of SMART Dynamic QR codes with POPB. Our unique QR codes can be shared or printed on paper cards, seamlessly directing users to your branded business card.

Static vs. Dynamic
Don't settle for static QR codes that become outdated when your information changes. POPB's dynamic QR codes are intelligent, automatically updating to reflect any modifications you make to your card's link. Say goodbye to worries about directing customers to old, obsolete URLs

Experience the beauty of POPB's SMART Dynamic QR codes. Effortlessly share and update your digital business card


Create your own subdomain or use a custom domain

Establish your unique branding with POPB by creating your own subdomain or using a custom domain for your digital business card. Enjoy complete customization

Individuals: set your subdomain as https://yourname.POPB.com (https://matt.POPB.com)

Businesses: set it as https://businessname.POPB.com (https://zepto.POPB.com).

Alternatively, bring your own domain, such as https://yourbusiness.com, or use a subdomain like https://POPB.yourbusiness.com

With POPB, you also receive a free SSL certificate for your custom domain, ensuring secure and trustworthy connections


All in one POPB dashboard

Discover the convenience of the POPB Dashboard-an all-in-one platform with analytics, lead capturing, and contact list management

Gain total access to these features from a single dashboard upon signing up

We value your feedback, as it helps us to continuously improve and add new features.


Unique Templates help you stand out from the crowd




  • Visitor analytics
  • Visitor geolocation-based analytics
  • Reference base analytics
  • Analytics where the user going from your POPB Card

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Share your card via QR code, email, text.

Branded QR code

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